Indo~European Residency Project Kolkata 2021


Who is the public website for?
Anyone interested in following the progress of the Indo~European Residency Project 2021, and would like to attend its public events.

How/where is the residency taking place?
This year the residency will take place on a private virtual platform designed specifically for the same.

What do we mean by virtual residency?
A platform that allows for interaction and exchange among the selected artists, while providing dedicated time and space to create. The artists will log in from their respective locations and be virtually transported to Kolkata and get to experience the city’s cultural spaces and interact with relevant personalities and each other online.

Who can apply?
The residency is aimed at artists from all fields of the arts who
> are citizens of, live and work in Germany/France/UK/Italy/India respectively
>can communicate in English fluently
>have a suitable project idea in mind
>can navigate a digital platform

Are there any age restrictions for applicants?

All applicants must be over the age of 18. Applicants require sufficient experience in their respective field of expertise and the ability to put forward a creative proposal.

Can a group or duo apply?
Preference will be given to individual artists. The discretion of selecting artists in a group/duo will lie solely with the jury based on the nature of the proposal. The honorarium mentioned in the Call for Application is the full and final amount designated for an individual artist. Should a group/duo apply, the amount would remain the same.

What are the hours of the residency? Does one need to be online 24/7?
Keeping in mind the different time zones, meetings with the fellow artists, group exchanges etc. will be made according to the convenience of the selected group of artists. However, they will need to be available for specific mandatory meetings that will be defined by a schedule.

The artists are expected to engage with the platform and their fellow artists for a minimum of 20 hours per week, excluding pre-planned public events. They are of course welcome to spend more time than this as well.

How will the residency take place digitally?

The selected artists will gain access to a private virtual platform containing resources about the city of Kolkata, a platform to record individual observations, a space to discuss and interact with other artists and personalities from the city and a schedule of public events.

If I am not from one of the 5 partner countries, can I apply?
You may apply only if you have lived and worked in or are a national of one of the 5 partner countries(Germany/France/Italy/UK/India).

Can artists from West Bengal/Kolkata apply?

Indian applicants should not be from West Bengal/Kolkata. The idea is for artists to explore the host city together, to foster cultural exchange between artists from outside Kolkata and the city itself.