Friday, 10. December 2021, 7.30 pm IST

The fourth edition of the Indo-European Residency Project, Kolkata, 2021 (online) will end with the opening of a online exhibition by the resident artists Chloé Macary-Carney from France, Marta Roberti from Italy, Alex May from United Kingdom, Irma Blumstock from Germany and Anushree Ghosh from India.

The residency was hosted in dedicated online platform empowered with an explicitly designed digital interface, which enabled the artists to work on their individual projects and also engage, collaborate and interact with several local experts, resource persons and artists during the days of residency period. For the resident artist, the wide range of categorised and diverse materials stored in the residency website – texts, images, audio, video, conversations and artistic multimedia works on and about the city worked as a repository; it was to facilitate and invite them to explore, experience, imagine and perceive, and interpret a labyrinthine city, that is Kolkata.

As the residency draws to a close, the closing programme will include the launching of an online exhibition of the artworks by the five resident artists. The artists will also be present at the inaugural event to introduce their works and talking about the process of developing and giving shape to their creative idea.

The exhibition will remain on view online till 31. January 2022. 

This project is support by EUNIC Global and executed by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata, Alliance Française du Bengale, Institut français en Inde, British Council, Kolkata. Consolato Generale d'Italia in Kolkata, Istituto Italiano di Cultura in New Delhi and CIMA.


Wednesday, 24. November 2021, 7.30 pm IST

A special session with our resident artists, namely Alex May from United Kingdom, Marta Roberti from Italy, Irma Blumstock from Germany  and Anushree Ghosh from India. In this session, they come together to share ideas about their respective final projects for the up-coming online exhibition. The programme will include presentations from each artist, including the methods that all of them are currently using to collaborate with local experts and artists through the specially created website for the residency this year. 

Watch the work in progress programme if you have missed it by clicking on the link provided below:


Friday, 8. October 2021, 6.30 pm IST 


The evening focused on the selected artists from France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and India – Chloé Macary-Carney, Marta Roberti, Alex May, Irma Blumstock and Anushree Ghosh.

They presented their artistic approach and also spoke about their respective interests and expertise. The evening also included all the partners and the creative consultant for this project, Nilanjan Bhattacharya, who shared their impressions about the idea of a digital residency as well as introduced their respective artists. 

Watch the inaugural programme if you have missed it by clicking on the link provided below: